What’s happened to every member of BTS in their gripping webtoon Save Me

BTS’s webtoon Save Me has launched, with new episodes promised every Thursday up until 11 April. The Naver comic, produced by Big Hit Entertainment and LICO, came after plenty of teasers from the Smeraldo Books Twitter account, and a prologue and the first two episodes dropped this week. But those of you hoping for a fun, lighthearted comic about your fave K-pop band may be taken aback. In the first episodes of Save Me, we have learned that two of the idols are dead, with the others in dire straits and Jin attempting to save his friends by travelling back in time. So, for those of you struggling to wrap your head around the dramatic plot, we’ve summed up where RM, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, Jungkook, V and Suga are in the Bangtan Universe… Jin Jin is the protagonist of Save Me, having returned to Seoul from Los Angeles after two years. On 11 April, he goes to a service station, where he thinks he sees Namjoon, but later, when he asks the manager if Namjoon Kim works there, he is told he is in jail. Seokjin realises the crime Namjoon has been jailed for occurred on 11 April, when he believes he saw him – and he realises that if he’d stopped him, RM may never have ended up in a detention centre. Will Jin be the one to save his friends? (Picture: Big Hit/Naver Webtoon) As he reflects on how life has gone wrong since his friend group parted ways, voice tells Jin: ‘If you could turn back time, do you believe you can straighten out the errors and mistakes and save everyone?’ Jin wakes up again on 11 April, and thinks he sees Jungkook – after having a ‘dream’ where the maknae landed on the bonnet of his car after jumping from a building. Will Seokjin really be able to save his friends? RM After Jin sees Namjoon at a service station, we thought he was safe – but it turns out he is in a detention centre. Namjoon got into an altercation with a rude customer, who called him a ‘broke fuck’. RM then refused to settle with the man he beat up after he mocked him and asked: ‘Can you even afford a settlement?’ This incident happened on 11 April, with Jin meeting him in the jail a month later. Jungkook Through Namjoon, we learn that Jungkook is dead. Jungkook appears to take his own life in the series (Picture: Big Hit/LICO) In the prologue, we see Jungkook standing on the roof of a building, while in one of Jin’s dreams, the maknae falls to his death on the bonnet of Jin’s car. However, Jin thinks he sees Jungkook crossing the road, so could Jungkook be stopped from taking his own life? Suga RM also tells Jin that Yoongi has died, although we don’t know the cause of his death yet. In the prologue, we see Suga standing calmly in a room, surrounded by flames – could this be how he dies? V While Jin is speaking to the manager of the gas station, a news channel on the TV proclaims: ‘A high school student arrested for killing his father.’ Taehyung is accused of killing his father (Picture: Big Hit/LICO) Jin later sees Taehyung being arrested, with reporters shouting: ‘Why did you murder your own father? Your sister claims that your father abused you two since you were little! Why haven’t you said anything about this?! Do you know when they’ll examine the crime scene?’ But in the prologue, we see V entering a room splattered with blood and broken glass, while his hands are covered in blood. Is he innocent? J-Hope Namjoon tells Jin that Hoseok is in the hospital, and in the prologue, we get a glimpse of the accident that landed him there. J-Hope, dressed in pyjamas, is seen falling down the stairs, and appears to be knocked unconscious with a broken leg.


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