What are best free and paid traffic source for website?

Best free and paid traffic source for website

Looking for a best Free and Paid traffic source for website? Its totally depend upon your goals about what kind of traffic do you want?

Best free and paid traffic source for website

Best High Quality free Traffic for website: The free high quality traffic sources are only search engines. Not only they are high quality but they are high convertable too. By doing proper Seo, you will get a hundreds thousands visitors a single day without spending anything. That’s the top most choice of every blogger to get traffic.

Low quality Paid traffic for website: Low quality? You probably say , “Hey why are you asking for low quality traffic?” Well i am not promoting bots here. The traffic site i recommednd here is SpinmyTraffic and it’s a PTC advertising site. The traffic cost is very low starting from 5$ in which you’ll get 10000 visitors and 1m+ ad impressions in 8$. By the Term PTC traffic, i didn’t mean the traffic is really of low quality instead i mean it’s still convertable but very low or nothing conversion rate but surprisingly traffic comes from these sites are real human traffic and why i said this traffic is low quality because you cannot use it with adsense as adsense will ban you if you use this traffic with adsense site and also with media.net. The major advantage of using PTC traffic is it can help you to boost alexa ranking as if alexa ranking goes up, the google ranking will automatically skyrocket and reach you more audience.

Best free and paid traffic source for website

Low Quality Paid Traffic with adsense: If you have adsense running site and you want traffic but you don’t have enough money to buy traffic then you can opt in for Popcash. Popcash is one of the top website in Popup advertising and the minimum deposit this site is only 5$ and you will get thousands of visitors in a 5$. budget. Another thing i want to share is you can monetize this traffic with adsense running site. You can simply sign up by clicking below.


High quality free and paid traffic: By the term high quality, it simply means high convertable Human traffic and some more money to advertise. The top quality traffic source is Google AdWords and bing has got the second place. These are the cost per click networks so you’ll only get charged for the clicks. Google AdWords charge more cpc than Bing so Start with bing at first. Other hight quality traffic sources are social traffic but social traffic are not as much convertable as search traffic but still convertable if you target users as per your product/niche. You can use Facebook ads(paytm, credit and debit card accepted), Twitter ads(debit and credit card accepted), Pinterest ads(credit card only), snapchat ads (credit card). That’s all i want to share with you now i am going to end it with some little extra info.

Note: There are also free ways to get traffic from Google, Facebook, pinterese, twitter and more.


Low budget sources: Popcash(5$), Facebook(50 rs~ 0.80$), Bing ads (500 rs ~ 7.5$), Google ads(500 rs ~ 7.5$)

For incresing Ranking(cheap visits): Spinmytraffic (5$)(no adsense), Popcash (5$)

High Quality: Google ads and Bing Ads (500 inr)

Free quality traffic: Seo

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