Tujhse Hai Raabta 28 June 2019 written update of full episode: Kalyani plans a surprise for Malhar

In the earlier episode we saw that Kalyani disguise as a care taker and gets a job in the same day care where Moksh is kept by Sampada. Malhar comes there to see Moksh where he recognizes Kalyani. But doesnt directly tell her about it. He asks the day care manager not to keep her on the job as he doesnt want Kalyani to bunk her lectures in college. He flirts with Kalyani who is disguised as a care taker just to make her jealous. Kalyani feels that Malhar is looking out for love outside as she is not giving him enough attention. Tonight’s episode starts with Malhar entering the room. He sees the room is decorated with flower petals and baloons and lights. He wonders about Kalyani’s mood. By that time a lady enters in in a red saree and her face is covered. It is Kalyani who comes with a glass of milk for Malhar. She plays fan to make the baloons fly in air and some romantic music to create some romantic atmosphere. But Kalyani starts getting cold but still she pretends to be normal. Malhar pretends that it is a very bad joke. Kalyani gets upset but doesnt react.

She offers him the glass of milk but Malhar (Sehban Azim makes her drink the milk saying that it is good for her health. Kalyani blushes. Malhar still doesnt get romantic. So Kalyani decides to make some drama like bollywood movies. But Malhar learns her drama and asks her to clean the room. SO that she can study. Kalyani keeps on trying to make him romantic by playing some old romantic song on her mobile. Malhar still doesnt get pacified to be romantic. He is stubborn on making her study. Kalyani gets angry with him. While she moves ahead to talk to him, she slips a bit which makes both of them fall on the bed. Kalyani gets very upset with her. She tells him that he is not happy with her and tries flirting with other ladies. Malhar doesnt understand. He takes her outside in the lawn.

Malhar makes her understand that she is young for all those things. He also promises that he is not having any extra marital affair. But Kalyani doesnt believe on him. Malhar reminds her about the unnamed Raabta between them. Kalyani agrees but gets emotional. Malhar assures her that their relationship will be stronger and deeper year on year but at the right time. He makes her understand that her career at the moment is important. Kalyani explains that she wanted to make him realize that she can give him all the happiness that a husband gets from his wife. Malhar gets upset with her thinking. He clears to her that he doesnt see her with lust but he actually loves her. Malhar further tells her that he wants her to be something in her life on her own apart from household things. He asks her to concentrate on studies and takes the responsibilities of household. He asks her to make him proud of her.

Kalyani fears that what if Malhar likes someone else. But Malhar assures her that there will not be like that and they will start their relationship at the right time and they might fall in love. Malhar also reveals that he had recognized her in the day care. He asks her not toworry about Moksh and concentrate on studies. After a while still Kalyani starts thinking like it happens in the movies. Next day Kalyani asks Anupriya to talk to her in English in order to improve her English language. Anupriya gets tensed. She asks Kalyani not to be too strict with her as she will learn slowly. Kalyani agrees for the same on one condition. What will be the condition? Stay tuned to find out.