Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 pictures show no rotating bezel

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active was released earlier this year along with the Galaxy S10 family. This device marked a pretty big design shift for Samsung’s watches. Gone was the chunky, industrial aesthetic and the fan-favorite rotating bezel. Instead, Samsung went for a much sleeker and slimmed down design. New leaks reveal that the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is headed in the same direction.

The folks over at SamMobile got their hands on some photos of the Galaxy Watch Active 2. We can see that it has a very similar look to the original Watch Active. Once again, the rotating bezel is nowhere in sight. The home/power button is round and the back button is rectangular. There is also a red circle around the power button, which could be an Apple-like indicator of LTE connectivity.

In terms of specs, the Watch Active 2 is said to have two models: LTE and WiFi. The LTE model will have a 340 mAh battery while the WiFi version has 237 mAh. There will also be two different sizes: 40mm and 44mm. The watch will be running Samsung’s latest version of One UI as well.

The original Galaxy Watch Active is not very old, so it could be a while before we see this new watch. The real-life photos indicate that it’s nearly ready for prime time, though. We’ll wait and see if Samsung decides to show off the Galaxy Watch Active 2 with the Galaxy Note 10.

Source: SamMobile

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