Letter: To truly help, expedite paths to citizenship AND deportation

To truly help, expedite paths
to citizenship, deportation

Re: “Protesters decry conditions at the border, separation of children from their parents” (Page B1, July 14):

This isn’t productive. There is too much banter and not enough planning, too many opinions and not enough strategies.

Debates between city, state and federal governments — as well as among the people — about whether or not to help, to punish or to extend certain considerations to immigrants in the country illegally only prolong the situations these immigrants face.

We can shorten detention periods by improving the pathway to citizenship and by expediting the deportation process.

The U.S. response to illegal immigration needs improvement, of that there is no doubt, though it can be more effective than the general paralysis the system is currently forced into — a paralysis felt more so by the people detained, and even more so by those separated from their families.

We can help these immigrants by voting to streamline the citizenship, deportation and asylum-seeking processes. All this talking we do only inflames the issues.

Cameron Church
Palo Alto

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