Letter: Suffering due to your skin color can’t be appreciated

Suffering due to your skin
color can’t be appreciated

Recently, a letter published in the Mercury News by Joseph Rizzuto condemned the idea of reparations for black Americans entitled “Descendants shouldn’t profit from their ancestors’ misery” (Letter to the editor, June 25).

It stated, “I hope that the descendants of slaves appreciate the suffering that their ancestors went through. Their lives are better for it.”

The idea that black Americans have or could be able to profit from slavery in 2019 is utterly cruel. Comparing the pains of our black community against those of our Native American communities is unfair and irrelevant.

We cannot do so and simultaneously execute those extremely hard conversations with the respect, dignity and honor that they deserve.

As a white woman, I have lived my entire life in a system where I benefit from the paleness of my complexion. In turn, a black woman has suffered because of the darkness of hers. That is not freedom. That should not be appreciated. That cannot be celebrated.

Hazel Stange
San Jose

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