Letter: Not surprising Mueller didn’t find evidence of conspiracy

Not surprising Mueller didn’t
find evidence of conspiracy

Re: “On collusion, Trump is right, and Stephanopoulos is wrong” (Opinion section, June 20):

Regarding Trump-Russia conspiracy, columnist Marc Thiessen contends that Mueller found “no crime, no collusion, no conspiracy.” This is unsupportable based on findings Mueller actually presented – he found that there was “insufficient evidence” to charge conspiracy.

Trump behaves like a mob boss who wouldn’t create documents about his nefarious plans, so it isn’t surprising that Mueller didn’t find concrete evidence of difficult-to-prove conspiracy. Nevertheless, Mueller did find abundant evidence of unethical activity and communications by and between Russians and the Trump campaign.

Mueller also presented 10 incidents of Trump’s possible obstruction of justice – situations where Trump may have acted illegally to prevent exposure of damning facts.

Mueller’s only stated reason for not bringing charges is Department of Justice policy, which says a sitting president cannot be indicted.

Mueller explicitly denied Trump exoneration, despite Trump’s constant lies to the contrary.

Jim Boots

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