Letter: Berkeley ban on natural gas raises concerns

Berkeley ban on natural
gas raises a few concerns

Re: “Berkeley bans natural gas in new buildings, the first U.S. city to do so” (Eastbaytimes.com, July 17):

It is great that the Berkeley City Council is able to enact legislation consistent with their goals. Unfortunately, they may not always think through their actions.

Banning natural gas in the city reduces emissions locally, but people still need heat. The alternative is to heat with electricity which uses three times as much energy to produce the same heat.

Although Berkeley may have green sources of power, the additional power use by Berkeley may mean that the green power will be taken from other cities where it will likely be made up by much dirtier sources of electricity.

Add that to the fact that some green sources of power are not all that green. For example, it is just being realized that a massive increase in the use of wind power could lead to significant warming..

Dennis Mockel

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