LEAKED! Roadies: Real Heroes has a winner and it is not someone from the current lot of contestants – read Exclusive details

The popular TV reality show Roadies’ 16th season, Roadies: Real Heroes has been going on for a while now. The show was launched on February 10 and has already aired 10 episodes. Mid-way through its journey, the season has been trying to make its mark. This year, the makers tried to tweak the concept a little bit by introducing “real heroes” in the show. They also got on board a real hero, Sandeep Singh, a hockey player whose inspiring story has even made it to the silver screen as Soorma. While Sandeep came on board, as BollywoodLife earlier reported, the makers retained the original gang leaders, Neha Dhupia, Raftaar, Nikhil Chinnapa, Prince Narula and show host and mentor Rannvijay Singha.

The season also had 25 contestants from various backgrounds. Some even included semi-popular names like Splitsvilla contestants. If you are an ardent fan of the show, you must be wondering who has won the TV reality show. And if your bets are on Aarushi Dutta, Lakshya, Xerxes Irani or Sohil Singh, then you are wrong. Well, to sound technically correct, if your bets are on any of the contestants currently seen on the show, then you are wrong as well.

BollywoodLife has got our hands on the winner’s name of the season. And it is no one who is currently seen on TV. Well, yeah we are right. This season, a wild card contestant has won the show; something that has never or rarely (Aanchal Khurrana, was voted out in the 8th season, yet managed to bag the trophy) happened in the series before. However, the winner of this season has not even been a part of the main competition yet.

Without testing much of your patience, let us reveal to you that the winner of season 16 is Arun Sharma. The Kashmiri lad auditioned for the show and managed to be a part of the Culling round. However, Arun couldn’t manage to get a direct entry in the show. The twist in the tale is that Arun eventually gets an entry in the upcoming episode and not just an entry, but he also manages to win the title of the year.

Quite surprised?! Well, so were we when we found out. Which contestant were you rooting for? Who do you think should have won the season?

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