Kundali Bhagya 28 June 2019 written update of full episode: Karina gives a tight slap to Sherlyn as the kidnapper reveals the truth

The last episode of Kundali Bhagya was full of drama as Sarla and Preeta take the kidnapper to Luthra house. Sarla tells the Luthras about the incidences happened and the real face of Sherlyn. Everyone gets shocked to know that Sherlyn had kidnapped Sarla as she had seen Sherlyn getting married to someone else before marrying Rishabh. Then all the stuff started. Tonight’s episode starts in Luthra house. Preeta asks the kidnapper to reveal the fact. Kidnapper also accepts that Sherlyn had asked him to kidnap Sarla and even had ordered to kill Sarla at one point. Everyone gets shocked. Sarla tells them that she had seen Sherlyn’s real face. Karina gets very furious and gives a tight slap to Rishabh. She blames Sherlyn for cheating on Rishabh. Sherlyn gets very scared as she gets exposed. Sarla keeps on reminding Sherlyn about her sins. Sherlyn still tries to pretend that she is innocent. Karina decides to throw Sherlyn out of the house. Karina goes inside and starts packing Sherlyn’s clothes. Shrishty follows her. Karina is very upset with Sherlyn’s reality. She helps Karina in packing Sherlyn’s bag. Karina is very much determined to throw Sherlyn out of Luthra house.

Preeta (Shraddha Arya) feels that at least now Karan will trust her. Sherlyn tries to make Rishabh emotionally blackmail. But in turn Rishabh accepts that he trust each and every word of Preeta. Sherlyn gets even more tensed. So she tries to change Rakhee’s mind but everyone gets furious with her. Karina comes downstairs with Sherlyn’s bag and throws it out of the house asking Sherlyn to get out from there. Sherlyn continues her emotional drama but no one listens to her. Preeta asks her to stop all the drama as her reality has been unveiled. She shares that she had promised Karan that she will not let Sherlyn get married to Rishabh but she couldnt reach on time. Preeta also shares that when she had reached Luthra house with the proof against Sherlyn but she threatened her about her mother. Sherlyn again pretends that the allegations on her are false. She pleads the kidnapper to tell the truth as it is planned by Prithvi. Sherlyn pretends that the kidnapper has accepted the allegations on her for money. Preeta shouts at her.

Sherlyn does drama of apologizing to all but to trust her. Karan asks Rishabh to decide what to do with Sherlyn as she is his wife now. Meanwhile, Shrishty and Sameer are happy as Sherlyn’s real face got exposed. Shrishty are happy as everything will be fine between Karan and Preeta, On the other hand, Rishabh decides to kick Sherlyn out of the house. But the kidnapper stops him.He changes his statement and says Sherlyn is innocent. Prithvi demands the criminal to spill the truth. The criminal admits that he was paid money to lie by Preeta and Sarla. The entire Luthra family is shocked by this revealation. Will the Luthra s believe Sherlyn or Preeta? Stay tuned to find out.