Kumkum Bhagya 31 May 2019 Preview: Pragya and Meera meet again but still Meera doesnt learn that it is Pragya, Abhi’s wife

In the last episode, we saw Abhi telling Rhea that he saw everything she did on the CCTV footage. Rhea says that Abhi doesn t love her anymore, while Mira tries to calm her down. Abhi feels he failed as a father and wishes that Pragya was with him. However, he is still not ready to forget how Pragya s actions might have led to Kiara s death. Later, when Rhea tries to apologise to Abhi, he refuses to accept her apology. Tonight s episode starts with Abhi entering Rhea s room. He decides to make Rhea realize her mistake. He feels that if she would have gone with Pragya, she would have been raised properly. On the other hand, Sarita ben gives some clothes to Pragya which she brought for Prachi and Shahana so that they can wear them on their picnic. Pragya is happy to see Sarita ben s love for the girls. Sarita ben asks Pragya to give the clothes to Prachi and Shahana as she wants to pretend like a strict woman in front of the girls. Pragya hugs her as she misses her mother. In the Mehra mansion, Abhi is restless. He is not able to sleep properly. He takes a doll from his cupboard which the memory of Kiara and Pragya.

He misses Pragya. Pragya (Sriti Jha) is also not able to sleep as she also misses Abhi. Next day morning, Pragya looks for a taxi. Meera comes there in the car by that time. Pragya apologizes as she wanted to take a taxi. Meera insists Pragya to take life from her. Both of them get along with each other. Before Pragya is about to tell her name to Meera, driver presses emergency break as a person comes in front of the car suddenly. On the other hand, Sarita ben is missing her son as he didn t call her as its her birthday. She cries a lot. By that time Meera and Pragya reach home. Pragya insists Meera to come inside. Pragya gives birthday gift to Sarita ben which makes Sarita ben emotional. Meera insists on having coffee by Sarita ben. But Sarita ben reveals that it is Pragya who makes best coffee. Meera misunderstands that Pragya is Sarita ben s daughter. Prachi informs Meera that they will be going for college picnic next day. Meera asks Prachi to forget differences with Rhea and enjoy the picnic. She also shares that she feels a special relation with Pragya like her elder sister.

Meanwhile, Pallavi asks Ranbir to go for a picnic with his college friends and enjoy life. Aryan comes there as because of him Pallavi insists Ranbir for the picnic. Later on Ranbir agrees to come for the picnic as he learns that Rhea is also coming. On the other hand, Meera praises the coffee made by Pragya. She requests Pragya to teach her how to make coffee like her which Abhi likes the most. Pragya misunderstands that Pallavi is Mr. Mehra s second wife. But Sarita ben notices that Meera has feelings for Mr. Mehra so she wants to learn to make coffee. Pragya doesn t believe her. Meera comes back home. She sees Rhea doing packing her clothes for the picnic. She finds that Rhea and Prachi are similar in many things. Stay tuned to know more updates.