Kumkum Bhagya 28 June 2019 written update of full episode: Purab and Disha come face to face

In the last episode we saw that Prachi asks more about Disha and her father. Pragya avoids telling her much so that she will not think of finding out her father. Meanwhile, Pallavi plans for a ravish party for Purab and Aliya’s wedding anniversary. She asks Prachi to come home to discuss about the preparations. While Prachi leaves from office, she meets Disha. Disha gives lift to Prachi but her car breaks down on the way. So Prachi looks for a taxi for them. She sees Purab coming that way who offers her lift. Prachi asks Disha to get inside but Disha gets shocked to see Purab driving the car. Purab gets down from the car and asks Disha to get in as he can drop her the location she wants to go. Disha taunts him of leaving her but gets in. Meanwhile, Rhea tells her friends about how Pragya in the party while the CM’s life was in danger. She also reveals that she had switched off the lights in the party.

By that time Aliya comes there. She gets furious with Rhea and questions if she knew about the attack on CM. Rhea tells her that she did it as Abhi was getting impressed with every task that Prachi was performing in the party. Dasi hears the conversation. Aliya misguides Rhea by supporting in her wring deed but asks Rhea not to unveil it to others. Dasi calls Aliya for some work. So Aliya goes with her. Dasi takes Aliya to the temple in their house. Aliya wonders about it. Dasi praises Aliya for the daughter in their family being educated. But Aliya still doesnt understand the reason behind. Dasi asks Aliya to use her leadership qualities correctly. Aliya takes it lightly but Dasi asks Aliya to care a bit for Purab’s feelings and make him happy as a friend. Aliya realizes her mistake.

Meanwhile, Disha, Purab and Prachi are on the way. Disha feels awkward yet emotional. While driving, by mistake he holds her hand. Both of them gets reminded of their past memories. By that time Aliya calls Purab. She asks him to to try coming home soon. Purab agrees for the same. Aliya decides to treat Purab as her friend first and then express her feeiings to him. She texts Purab saying ‘I love you’. By mistake Disha sees the message, She gets down from the car as her destination arrives. She gets very heartbroken with Aliya’s message to Purab. On the other hand, Pallavi instructs Prachi about the party arrangements. Bijee tells Pallavi that Vikram has planned Ranbir’s party next day at home. Pallavi gets tensed about the preparations of both the parties.Prachi asks her not to worry as she will make arrangements for both.

After a while, Abhi brings Vikram home. Vikram gets hurt on knee which makes him take support of the stick to walk. Pallavi and Bijee gets tensed. Abhi tells them that the doctor has advised for knee surgery. But Vikram pretends that he doesnt need it. Ranbir also arrives there. Vikram announces that Ranbir will be handling his business henceforth. Ranbir gets very tensed as its a big responsibility. He shares it with Aryan. Pallavi comes there. Ranbir gets upset with her too. Pallavi assures him that she will talk to Vikram but asks him to think about his father once. Ranbir gets emotional and agrees to discuss about it. Pallavi is happy with her idea. Meanwhile, Prachi and Shahana go to the market for shopping the material for the party preparations. Both of them are very excited and rejoice with their memories of shopping in Hoshiarpur.

By that time Prachi sees the car which had spilled of the mud on her.She determines to teach a lesson to the driver of the car for the same. But she is not aware that it is Ranbir. Ranbir listens to their conversation. He decides to leave the car there itself. But Shahana sees him. She greets him. Prachi again starts fighting with Rambir. Later on he leaves from there in a taxi. In the Mehra mansion, Meera makes Abhi’s favourite dish. Meetali comes there. She tells Meera that Abhi has already left for office. She doubts if Meera has fallen in love with Abhi. Meera avoids answering it. Stay tuned for more updates!