Kawach 2 30 June 2019 written update of full episode: Angad reveals to Sandhya that he is possessed by Kapil

Today’s episode starts with Angad, who is possessed by Kapil comes to home and we see Sandhya realizing he is imitating like Kapil. She goes to the bedroom to see how is Angad and when she enters the room, she listens to the tune, which gives her Deja Vu feeling and she thinks that Kapil is the person. But as soon as he reaches to that place, she sees Angad playing that Sholay tune. She asks Angad to come for lunch but he feels uneasy and rushes to his bedroom.

On the lunch table, the family asks Sandhya to call Angad for lunch but she says that he has said that no one should disturb her. Kapil comes out from Angad’s body and tells that he has spent the wedding night with Sandhya. Angad gets disturbed and asks what wrong they have done to them. In the next scene, we see that Munu aka Manoj feels that the devil has come back but Bhairavi doesn’t believe him. Kapil tells Angad out of 24 hours, he will be in Angad’s body for 21 hours. Sandhya comes to call Angad and when he opens the door, they both hug each other. Angad tries to tell the truth to Sandhya but he remembers Kapil warning that if he tries to reveal anything, she will be killed by Kapil.

Sandhya takes Angad for lunch, where they start talking about the weird things happening to them. He says everything to Sandhya but soon the witch arrives and attacks Sandhya. In the next episode, we see the witch possessing Sandhya and tries to kill her.