Kawach 2 29 June 2019 written update of full episode: Kapil reveals that Sandhya is the reason behind his family’s death

After a thrilling last episode, today’s episode of Kawach starts on a thrilling episode as we see a snake, again and again, trying to attack Angad. In the next scene, we see, the witch enters the office of Ashutosh and posses her. He talks to Rishi and tells that he will try his best to get him and wife Shobha together. Sandhya and Angad go to Sandhya’s residence and everyone gets shocked to see Angad speaking Marathi. But somehow, he manages to dodge the question. Soon, he reaches office, where Ashutosh comes to know that Angad is possessed by Kapil.

Than Kapil kills Ashutosh by burning him alive. Rishi opens the door and sees Ashutosh dead. On the other hand, Sandhya is talking about her in-laws to her mom and dad. She tells dad, that Angad has changed a lot and its quite weird. She receives a call from Angad’s home and comes to know that Ashutosh is very critical and is in hospital. While everyone blames Rishi for Ashutosh’s condition, Rishi’s wife accuses Sandhya and says she is unlucky for the family.

In the hospital, Ashutosh tries to say everyone that Kapil is back but Angad, who is possessed by Kapil tells everyone to go out of the room and let him take rest. In the night, the witch arrives in the hospital and kills Ashutosh. Police think Rishi has killed Ashutosh and arrests him. When Sandhya asks about Angad, everyone tells that he left the hospital and said that he will go home. But Kapil, who has possessed Angad goes to his old home. Kapil reveals that Sandhya is the reason behind his family’s death and explains all his future plans.

In tomorrow’s episode, we see Kapil planning for his next episode