Jodha Akbar 31 May 2019 written update of full episode: Anarkali learns about Saleem’s real identity

In the last episode we saw that Jodha begum and Jalal are excited to make announcement of Saleem and Maan Bai s alliance on their wedding anniversary function. On the other hand, Anarkali follows Saleem but unfortunately she cannot meet him. Her mother boosts her moral saying that she will be able to meet Saleem one or the other day. Today s episode begins with Anarkali s mother asking Anarkali about the issue happened in Mahal when she went to meet Jodha begum. Her mother gets very angry. She asks Anarkali not to go again and get humiliated. Instead she gives her golden earrings to Anarkali asking her to sell them to the jeweller and get some money to survive. On the other hand, in the Mahal as planned, Jalal s begums are set for sword competition. Jodha begum and Saleema begum start having the war with sword. Jodha begum beats Saleem begum. In the second round, Ruquiya begum and Jodha begum are the competitors. But Jodha begum gets hurt on her palm by mistake. Jalal gets scared but Jodha begum continues with the war. She decides to fight with one hand only. But still Jodha begum beats Ruquiya begum.

Later on Jalal (Rajat Tokas) expresses his desire to have war practice with Jodha begum. He also fights with one hand. But Saleem sees Jodha begum s hand bleeding. He asks both of them to stop. Everyone wonders about it. Saleem calls Haqima to treat Jodha begum s injury. Jodha begum gets emotional to see Saleem caring for her. Ruquiya begum gets disappointed to see Saleem caring so much for his real mother. Meanwhile, Anarkali comes to the jeweller to sell her mother s earrings. The jeweller humiliates Anarkali for being Rashid Khan s daughter and gives her less money. Anarkali still takes the money as they all need it. She also buys some food for her mother. By that time she gets a news announced about Qutub s wedding. She gets very hurt. Her childhood friend Sakeena sees her. She recognizes Anarkali aka Nadira. In the evening, Jalal applies cream to Jodha begum s injury. Jodha begum asks him not to worry as it is a minor wound. But she also shares that she was the happiest when her son Saleem came forward to treat her injury. They also recollect Saleem s childhood memories when Saleem had attacked on Jalal who was disguised in another attire.

On the other hand, Anarkali decides to ask Qutub not to get married. But her friend Sakeena questions her as Anarkali had never expressed her feelings to Saleem. Meanwhile, Saleem congratulates Qutub for his new beginning. He also tells Qutub that he hates Anarkali. Sakeena makes Anarkali understand that her feelings are waste for Qutub aka Saleem who didn t keep his promise. But Anarkali still prays for Saleem and she also tells that she doesn t have hard feelings for Qutub. Anarkali goes back to her parents. She learns that Rashid Khan is having high fever which can be dangerous for his life. Anarkali feels guilty as because of her Rashid Khan and her mother had agreed to come to Agra. By that time a Baba asks Anarkali to go to Qazi Baba s darga where she will find solution to all her problems. Jodha begum and Jalal also come to the same darga. They seek blessings and happiness for Saleem. Jodha begum also prays that there should not be any differences between Jalal and Saleem. After some time, Qutub s wedding ceremony starts. Saleem goes to the same darga as it was last wish of Farhan. Anarkali prays at the darga asking for speedy recovery for her father Rashid Khan.

By that time Saleem comes to the darga. He seeks blessings for Qutub. Both of them stand beside each other but they are unaware of that. Anarkali comes out of the darga. She sees Mughal troops distributing some blankets to Fakirs. On enquiring she learns that Qutub is getting marriedin the darga itself. At one point she feels like seeing Qutub once so she again enters in. She gets shattered to see Qutub getting married as his face is covered. She gets hurtful and leaves from there. Anarkali starts crying a lot. Jodha begum notices her crying loudly. She goes to Anarkali asking about the reason of being upset. Anarkali recollects that it is Marium-Uz-Zamani. Jodha begum makes Anarkali pray to Qazi Peer which will fulfil her wish. By that time Anarkali sees Saleem there. She becomes happy to see Qutub not getting married. She also assumes that Saleem is getting married and not Qutub. So She goes to Saleem and hugs him with love. Saleem doesn t like it. He throws her away from him. Anarkali is shocked to see him reacting like that. But later on she learns that it is Saleem. Saleem pretends that Anarkali is misunderstanding him.

He humiliates Anarkali. Anarkali observes his clothing but still doesn t believe that he is Saleem and not Qutub. Saleem gets furious and takes her aside. He reveals that he is Saleem who was punished because of her in the childhood. Hyder is happy to see Anarkali and Saleem fighting with each other. Saleem asks Anarkali to leave from there. Anarkali gets very furious as Saleem hid his real identity. Saleem decides to punish Anarkali for life. Saleem after reaching home also keeps on recollecting about Anarkali. He gets very angry. Will they ever unite? Stay tuned to find out.