Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone vs Idea postpaid | Which one has the best Plan?

Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone vs Idea postpaid

jio vs airtel vs vodafone vs idea

After the Launch of Hello Jio postpaid plan by Reliance Jio, other telecom operators launching new plans and revising old plans to provide their customers more and more data than it was before. Bsnl has the worst 3g services aross the country so i am not gonna show you the Bsnl postpaid plans. Airtel has still the best network with most Number of customers. Jio is the game changer in the Telecom Industry as it is because of Jio we got so much offers and cheap data not only from Jio but also from other operators. Idea and Vodafone are going to merged and after the merger Vodafone Idea would get the most Number of customers and we hope that they provide the best service than Airtel and Jio. I will not also talk about other small operators because they’re not provided their services all over the country as they are providing their services in some circles. So, in this article i am gonna compare some the best plans by Airtel, Jio, Idea and Vodafone. Let’s take a look at Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone vs Idea postpaid plans and find which operators has the best plan.

Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone vs Idea Plans

Lowest Rate Plan by Operators

1. HelloJio 199 vs Vodafone Basic Red 299 vs Airtel infinity 399 vs Idea Nirvana 389 Plan

Reliance Jio has the cheapest and affordable plan and providing more data as compared to other operators. Jio’s HelloJio Postpaid plan offers 25 GB data with unlimited voice call facility. Vodafone’s Basic Red plan gives you 20 GB data with voice call facility (Daily 300 minutes and weekly 1500 minutes) but this plan is only available for new customers as Vodafone users can also opt in for Vodafone 399 plan in which you’ll get 40GB data with data Rollover + Voice calling + Amazon Prime Subscription. Airtel Infinity 399 plan offers 20 GB data + voice (same capping limit) which costs a much higher than vodafone’s 299 plan. Last but not the least, Idea 389 also offers 20 GB data + voice (Same capping Limit). Users will also get data rollover facility in Idea, Vodafone and Airtel. Finally, Jio has the best and cheap Postpaid plan while others costs higher than Jio as Jio also has 10 Rs postpaid plan in which users can use prepaid recharges on postpaid mobile with Free national roaming (But only for J&k). That’s the Cheap Rate Best plans by Operators.

2. Airtel 499 vs Vodafone 499 vs Idea 499 plan

As Jio has only Two postpaid available (HelloJio 199 and 10rs for J&k only) but i hope Reliance will add other postpaid plans very soon. Now Let’s see what is in 499 plan. Airtel and Vodafone Rs 499 plan 75 GB data Voice call facility (300 Min daily and 1500 min weekly) while Idea offers only 40 GB data and Voice calling with same capping limit. Other benefits in 499 plan are Data Rollover facility, Amazon prime only in Airtel and Vodafone, Apps subscriptions and more. That’s all about Airtel 499 vs Vodafone 499 vs Idea 499 plan.

3. Airtel 649 vs Idea 649 Plan

Airtel 649 plan gives you 90 GB data with data rollover facility + voice calling facility with same capping limit. You will also get Amazon Prime, Airtel tv, Airtel Protect and add upto 2 Members in this Plan. Idea only providing 50GB data with rollover facility + voice calling. Idea also allows you to add upto 5 Family members and some of their apps subscription for free. Airtel 649 has far better plan as compare to Idea.

4. Airtel 799 vs Vodafone 999 vs Idea 999 plan

First let’s talk about data for 799 and Plan, Airtel offers 100 GB data only in 799 rs and Vodafone offers same amount of data i.e 100 GB at 999 Rs while Idea again a loser and giving 80 GB data in 999 Rs. Voice calling Facility has same limit cap of 300 Minutes per day and 1500 minutes per week. You’ll get data rollover facility, Apps subscription, Amazon Prime (Airtel and vodafone), add 3 extra members in Airtel and 5 in Idea. Finally, we can say Airtel has won again in this Pricelist.

5. Airtel 1199 Plan vs Vodafone 1299 vs Idea 1299

Airtel provides 120 GB in 1199 while Vodafone provides 125 GB in 1299 and Idea provides 100 GB data in 1299 Rs. Voice calling Capping limit remains the same. Total limit of members would be 4 in Airtel, 5 no of total members you can have with Idea. Other benefits are apps subscription, Amazon Prime(Vodafone and Airtel only), Mobile Protect and Netflix subscription(Vodafone only).

Airtel has only 6 Postpaid plans while Vodafone and Idea also have other plans. Vodafone has 1999 and 2999 plan in which they offers 200GB and 300GB data respectively with voice call and data Rollover facility. Other subscriptions you’ll get like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Apps for free. Although, Idea has 1699, 1999, 2999 plans and offers 150 GB, 200GB, 300GB respectively. Some othe apps subscription by idea you will get in these plans.

That’s all i have for you in this Article “Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone vs Idea postpaid | Which one has the best Plan”. I hope you like it. Keep updated.

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