Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 31 May, 2019 Preview: Parv pretends of killing Sidhhi

In the last episode we saw that AJ explains how Guddan found out that Parv is the real culprit. Along with Revathi, they try to find out what Parv s plan is. Revathi meets and tells Parv that she cannot marry him till he is married to Siddhi. AJ and Guddan are hiding when they hear about Siddhi. They find out that Parv has threatened to kill Siddhi s brother Kunal if she doesn t sign the divorce papers. Tonight s episode begins with Akshat instructing his people to look for Kunal as soon as possible. He gets very tensed. Guddan comes there. She tries to make Akshat calm but Akshat is very much stressed. Guddan massages his head with oil to make him relaxed. Guddan makes him realise that impulsive decisions always go wrong. Akshat also messages her head as he knows that Guddan also must be tensed. By that time Akshat gets a call which makes him happy as his people find Kunal safe and sound. They decide to catch Parv red handed this time.

On the other hand, Parv again threatens Sidhhi to kill Kunal if she doesn t give him divorce. Sidhhi recollects that Guddan had promised her to bring Kunal back. By that time Guddan (Kanika Mann) comes at the door of Sidhhi s room and informs Sidhhi with gesture that they have got Kunal. So Sidhhi also gets daring to oppose Parv to give him divorce. She warns him not to try harming her anymore. Parv gets furious as his goons informs that Kunal has escaped from the arrest. Parv suspect some connection between Kunal escaping and Sidhhi confronting him. By that time Revati calls Parv to instigate him. Parv tells her that he has some plan to remove Sidhhi from their path. Revati gets tensed. Akshat and Guddan listen to their conversation from outside. Akshat talks to Sidhhi and assures her to safeguard her from Parv. But Guddan decides to lie down on bed instead of Sidhhi when Parv will come to kill Sidhhi. Akshat agrees for the same. Guddan is confident that Akshat will safeguard her at any cost. Akshat also asks her not to take any risk with her life while executing the plan. Guddan lies on the bed by covering herself with a blanket before Parv enters the room to attack on her assuming her Siddhi.

Akshat also switches off the lights in the room and hides himself. Revati and Angad on the other side monitor the room with CCTV footage. Meanwhile, Parv enters Siddhi s room with a knife in his hand. Parv pretends of attacking on Guddan but he actually cuts a lemon and keeps it for Sidhhi. Akshat, Angad and Revati wonder about his behaviour. Guddan wakes up. She feels that Parv must have come to know about their plan. Akshat and Guddan both feel that Parv will be even more alert and dangerous for them. On the other hand, Parv gets very furious as he learns about Guddan s plan. Saru comes to see him. She asks him to be alert as it was her who informed her about Akshat and Guddan s plan. She asks him to escape from there before Akshat gets him arrested. Saru also threatens him to take his name if any issue comes up on her. But Parv is stubborn on marrying Revati with a master plan. Will Guddan and Akshat make his plan fail again? Stay hooked to find out.