Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19 July 2019 written update of full episode: Akshat to marry Antara?

In the last episode we saw that Guddan tells the police that Antara killed Rawat. But the entire Jindal family defends Antara. Akshat also asks Guddan to stop putting false accusations on Antara out of jealousy. He later asks Guddan to apologise to Antara too, but Guddan refuses to do so. Later Guddan plans something to make Antara reveal the truth.

Tonight’s episode starts in the Jindal house where Dadi and Durga insist Antara to have some food as she refuses to eat anything. Dadi goes to make fresh fruit juice for Dadi as she assumes that Antara is pregnant. After Dadi leaves from there, Guddan comes there. She taunts Antara for her drama. Antara also asks Guddan in confident to tell everyone about her drama or do something big to expose her. Guddan still asks Antara to unveil her reality else Guddan threatens to kill Antara like her brother. Guddan brings the wires she had came to give shock to Antara to threaten Antara. By that time Dadi comes there. Everyone else gets shocked to see Guddan about to give shock to Antara. Akshat also gets shocked and shouts at Guddan. He asks Guddan to be away from there as she wants Antara to reveal the truth. Antara again continues the emotional drama of being innocent. She asks Guddan to kill her which goes against Guddan as Antara holds the wires which actually gives current to Antara.

Guddan (Kanika Mann) is shocked to see Antara having current as there was no current earlier. Akshat gets very furious with Guddan. He goes to see whether Antara is fine or not. Antara pretends to be very shattered with the current. There is a flashback where Antara fixes the switch with power supply. Akshat gets too furious with Guddan. He even removes the ring in Guddan’s hand which staggers Guddan a lot. Akshat even puts that ring in Antara’s finger. Akshat clears that Guddan will not have to do anything to stop his marriage with Antara. Guddan gets tears in eyes. She keeps on convincing Akshat about Antara’s reality but Akshat tells her that he will get married to Antara now and not to accuse his would be wife anymore. Guddan feels devastated with it.

Later on Akshat recollects the incidence. By that time Guddan arrives there along with her jewelry. She accuses Akshat for cheating on her with his decision. Guddan clears that Akshat has broken her trust on him. Akshat tries to talk to her but Guddan doesn’t listen to him anymore. She also blames him for being like a common man who decides to take her right of being his wife. Akshat is also frustrated. He goes to his room. Antara hugs him as he trusts her over Guddan. But Akshat tells her that he would only get married to her and not anything else. Antara pretends to be very understanding. Akshat leaves from there later on. Antara waits for the day when she will get married to him and get all the property. By that time Durga and Saru come to her room along with Lakshmi. Durga and Saru seek Antara’s blessings. Lakshmi also does the same but not with full heart. Durga and Saru share that they are happy about Antara going to be their mother-in-law. But kahsmi says nothing. Antara asks Lakshmi about her being upset. Lakshmi wants not to assume that Guddan is wrong but it is proven that she is wrong. She tells Durga that she wants AJ’s money for himself and won’t share it with anyone. AJ regrest his decision to marry Guddan but vows to never forgive Guddan. Stay tuned to find out how Antara cement her place in the Jindal House.