FaceApp-Style Technology Reunited Parents To Their Son Who Was Kidnapped 18 Years Ago

The FaceApp challenge has created a storm on the social media networks and it seems as if people have fallen in love with it. In this challenge, people are using the FaceApp which shows how they will look in their old age.

While people are taking this FaceApp challenge for fun, the Chinese police has used the same technology in order to find out a kid who was kidnapped 18 years ago.

The Chinese technology giant Tencent developed the AI technology which was used to predict how the kid might look like now. The investigators of the Shenzhen’s Futian District used the predictions given by Tencent and also took the help of facial recognition technology in order to find out the subject which seems to match the maximum.

21 years old Yu Weifeng who is a student in Guangzhou was singled out from the 100 candidates. The investigator Zheng Zhenhai told that in the beginning, he refused to accept that he was kidnapped and he is the adopted child of his parents but he had to believe it as his DNA matched completely with his biological parents.

It was 6th May, 2001, when Weifeng went missing while he was playing near the construction site. His father used to work there as a foreman. The police tried their best despite the technology limitation that they had at that time.

Weifeng’s father Yu Xingquan and mother Rong Muhuan visited several cities in search of their child but all their efforts went in vain.

On 18th July this year, the parents were united with their son after 18 years and Weifeng’s father expressed his gratitude towards foster parents of his son. He also said that from now on, they all will be like a family and his son will have two fathers.

However, no one has been arrested in regard to the kidnapping of Weifeng and it is also not clear whether Weifeng has talked with his foster parents about his past.

But the big question is whether Tencent will provide this AI technology to police or not. What do you think?

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