Bay Area man gets federal prison in big child pornography case

SAN FRANCISCO — An Elk Grove man was sentenced to eight years in prison for online chats where he requested and received videos of a 15-year-old being sexually abused.

Christopher Kinney was sentenced Wednesday, on a child pornography-related charge. His co-defendant, Krishna Viramontes, was sentenced to 17 years in prison last August.

According to prosecutors, Kinney and Viramontes chatted online, with Viramontes sharing video and images of child porn that Viramontes himself had created. During the chats, the victim’s age was discussed. One of the images included a video of a boy whose arms and legs were bound being sexually abused, prosecutors said.

Viramontes was sentenced not just for child porn charges, but for extortion as well; authorities say he began extorting a minor he’d dated after the two ended their relationship, threatening to post sexually explicit content of them the two.

In a sentencing memo, Kinney’s attorney asked only that Kinney be allowed to serve at a prison near the Bay Area, and that requested post-release restrictions be eased, since Kinney’s family lives near a school.