7-year-old’s “bruises” get worse and worse by the time they realize it’s meningitis it’s too late to save her legs

The love story was perfect in every way between Aimee and her new husband, Craig, and the honeymoon had just started.

But quickly their dream turned into a nightmare.

It all started when their daughter, Brogan, began to develop black and blue marks throughout her body.

When Aimee and Craig were married, Brogan, the 7-year-old daughter of Aimee, was an obvious decision to be a bridesmaid.

But Brogan would be in a hospital bed struggling for her life just 14 days after she stood with her mom at the altar.

At first, everyone thought that Brogan’s “bruises” were just the consequence of a child being a child, and they were not taken seriously by physicians at a local hospital.

But Aimee realized that this was something more when the spots spread to the remainder of Brogan’s body.

She brought Brogan back to the hospital and the physicians realized the cause rapidly this time.

Brogan showed clear meningitis indications and was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham.

Meningococcal meningitis is a possible life-threatening illness and because Brogan’s treatment was started so late, there wasn’t much that doctors could do.

In order for the doctors to save Brogan’s life, they would have to remove her left foot.

“This week has totally changed my outlook on life. It has shown what’s important and what isn’t, who’s there and who isn’t,” Brogan’s mom, Aimee, told the Daily Mail.

The physicians finished Brogan’s foot amputation and fitted her with a prothetic one to help her walk.

After finding that the arm of Brogan was also a danger to her life, Brogan’s parents and physicians agreed that amputation of her arm would also be essential.

Brogan was prepared for what was ahead of her, even though she was tired and painful.

Fortunately, she had amazing family and family support.

“Nothing can prepare you for what meningitis does to a body, let alone a little seven-year-old girl,” Lisa Reece, Brogan’s mom’s cousin said.

Two years have gone by and Brogan has adjusted to her prosthetic leg well. With excitement and a fighting spirit, she has taken on the difficulties of life.

Unfortunately, in early 2018, the family announced that Brogan is likely to have to amputate her other arm.

When she discovered this, Brogan was devastated— but now she just wants it done and physical treatment started.

As for Aimee, she wants to remind other parents to be on the lookout for odd changes in the bodies of their kids so that they can recognize the symptoms in time and don’t have to go through what Brogan has done.
The most common symptoms of meningitis are headaches and neck stiffness associated with fever, confusion or altered states of consciousness, as well as vomiting and sensitivity to light or sounds.

Keep in mind that children usually also show symptoms such as irritation and drowsiness. Rashes can also be a sign of meningitis. For example, meningococcal meningitis can be accompanied by characteristic rashes and skin bleeding.

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